Student FAQs

You might ask: “I am a Baptist (Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, non-denominational, etc.). Will I be required to change my doctrinal beliefs in order to enroll, or to graduate?”

No. While the perspective in the classroom is that of classical Reformation theology, any Protestant student who can subscribe to the basic Statement of Faith found on the application form may enroll, if otherwise qualified.

While students are not penalized for doctrinal distinctives that may separate brethren within the believing church, they will nevertheless be required to use the exegetical and theological tools acquired at City Seminary to biblically defend their position(s).

It is not necessary in order to begin one’s studies. Simply complete the “General Studies” application. If your pastor or home church is opposed to your enrollment in a ministerial program, then admission to a ministerial degree program will only be permitted upon appeal to the Board of Governors for a waiver. Such waivers are rare. If a student is not in submission to those in authority over him, he is unlikely to be an appropriate candidate for the ministry.

Yes. Classes are open to non-ministerial students, although candidates for the ministry will be given admissions preference.

Call or email the seminary and request an informal meeting with a member of the faculty or Admissions Committee.

You should also seek the counsel of your pastor(s), elders, and church leaders. If they have questions about the program, have them call and speak with one of the faculty members, or arrange a visit.

City Seminary of Sacramento is committed to serving the body of Christ in Sacramento. Our goal is to insure that no qualified candidate for the ministry is denied admission for lack of financial ability.

Scholarship programs are available to students, regardless of denominational affiliation. To apply for financial aid, please fill out our online form “Financial Aid.”

A pastoral or church recommendation is required for certain scholarship and ministerial degree programs, although it is not necessary to enroll as a “General Studies” major, or to simply audit classes.

Credits earned as a “General Studies” student may transfer to the degree program, although a pastoral recommendation will likely be required at time of transfer.

No. Prospective students should file their preliminary application as soon as possible, rather than waiting for secondary documents, e.g. transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. This may be added to the file after the initial application form is received.

Yes. Any Christian interested in improving their knowledge in a particular field of study may enroll in a particular class. Just complete the Registration Form.

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