Registration for 2022 Winter Trimester

Winter Admissions Calendar:

  • Registration Deadline: January 1, 2023
  • Winter Trimester Begins: January 9, 2023

This registration form should be used by:

  • Returning students registering for classes.
  • New students who have already submitted their Admission Application, or who are doing so concurrently. In this case, registration will only be processed once a student’s Application has been approved.

How to Register:

  1. Apply to become a student by filling out the Application Form. (New Students Only)
    (To register for classes you first need to be accepted as a student)
  2. Use the form below to register for classes.
  3. Follow the instructions below to submit payment of tuition.

Note: If applying for financial aid, click here.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are $225 per semester hour, and $50 per semester hour for those auditing courses and for Christian school teachers taking courses for ACSI CEU credit. The maximum tuition per semester for full-time students enrolled in a degree program is $2,700. 

Mrs. Ashley McPartlan, Registrar

Tuition Payments
If you do not have a credit card, please contact our Registrar for an alternative payment method.
Submit Registration Form
If you have completed all necessary fields of information, when you click "Submit Registration" you will be taken to the checkout page to pay your tuition.
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