Mission and Goals


Mission and Goals

City Seminary of Sacramento is dedicated to the training of pastors and ministry leaders for effective service throughout the world by providing quality distance education in the Reformed confessional tradition.

The conviction of City Seminary is that every student called to ministry should have the opportunity to be trained and prepared for the gospel ministry without having to relocate to another area.

Although attendance at denominational seminaries will likely continue to be the norm for most candidates for the ministry, the denominational system is not without problems—primarily of a practical nature. The necessity of uprooting one’s family, incurring substantial debt, or being separated from one’s home church has proven too great a burden for many who are otherwise qualified.

At City Seminary, we want to make seminary education as accessible as possible for the greatest number of students. For twenty years, we offered in-person classes, but the pandemic changed all that. Our conversion to online classes not only allowed our local students to continue their education, but it opened up our unique program to students across the United States, and the world.

Our primary goal is to train pastors. While others may take classes, and even earn degrees, our primary mission is to train those who will preach the gospel.

The second goal is the provision of additional theological training for men already ordained to the Gospel ministry, as well as other church officers and members, utilizing the resources of the institution to serve the continuing needs of the churches in the Sacramento region.

For those seeking a distinctively Reformed emphasis, enrollment within the Seminary in Casimir College will provide a thorough education in Reformed confessions and polity

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