Financial Aid

Financial Aid

City Seminary of Sacramento seeks to provide a sound, biblical, theological education to all qualified candidates for the ministry and to those who seek to improve their understanding of God’s Word. Although scholarship funds—which are supplied by the generous contributions of local churches, church members and City Seminary sponsored events—are limited, it is the goal of City Seminary that all those who desire to enroll in classes for credit may do so, irrespective of financial ability. Please submit the online Financial Aid form or fill out and mail the form. A member of the Financial Aid Committee will contact you.


  1. Scholarship aid programs range from $225 to $2,700 per semester.
  2. If two or more classes in a course are missed without excuse, one-half of the scholarship amount must be repaid.
  3. Scholarships will be forfeited if student changes from credit to audit.
  4. If a student with scholarship aid drops out or does not complete the course work, then payment will be required in accordance with the “Withdrawal from Classes” policy as listed in the catalog.

If you would like to help fund City Seminary’s scholarship programs, you may donate online.

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