Areas of Study

Curriculum Roadmap

The curriculum at City Seminary is thorough, rigorous and broad. Based upon the classical approach once embraced by most Protestant seminaries, the school emphasizes core subjects a well-prepared minister needs, divided into classical divisions:

For those seeking a distinctively Reformed emphasis, enrollment within the Seminary in Casimir College will provide a thorough education in Reformed confessions and polity.

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Current Courses

Winter 2022 Trimester

OT 201/601 Old Testament Survey I

A study of the Old Testament books (Genesis through the Song of Solomon), considering authorship, date, occasion, theme, purpose and outline. 

ST 151/551 Biblical Ethics

The development of a Christian world-and-life view. Examination of the Scriptural basis for ethics, including the role of the Ten Commandments in the construction and application of ethics to the modern world. Church-state issues will also be considered. 

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