Casimir College

Casimir College

Curriculum Roadmap

These courses are required of RCUS students in the B.D. and M.Div. programs. Other students may take them as electives.


An exegetical study of the Greek text of the book of Romans, focusing on its major themes of sin, redemption and thankfulness. The correct method of presenting and defending the faith will be emphasized throughout. (2 hours.* Prerequisite: NT 232).

A study of the creeds and confessions produced during the Protestant Reformation, especially the Three Forms of Unity and the Westminster Standards. (2 hours*).

A Biblical-theological study of the divine covenants of Scripture, with special attention on their role in the life of the church. Attention will be given to the sacraments as signs and seals of the covenant, and Calvin’s understanding of “covenant confirmation.” (2 hours*).

A consideration of the uniqueness of the Reformed Church in the United States in regard to its history and form of government. Distinctive positions of the RCUS will be studied. (2 hours. Prerequisite: ST 312).

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