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Popko webMy first City Seminary class was apologetics because I wanted to understand how to more effectively witness and defend the Christian faith. That became a starting point from which I developed a more comprehensive Biblical worldview after studying systematic theology, ethics, homiletics, eschatology, etc. I am grateful for my time spent at City Seminary as I feel it has prepared me for a future ministry, perhaps as a business missionary in Ukraine, my birthplace, as God calls. The preparation I received at City was a foundation for me to build upon, by the grace of God and for His glory. Thank you for your support and service!

George Popko

DavisMatthew 2014It has been my great pleasure and blessing to be a student at City Seminary. The classes are organized to work together, increasing the students understanding of the big picture in terms of Pastoral Ministry; incorporating all of the disciplines of the faith so that the courses complement one another. All of the instructors are Pastors, which allows for practical application in response to questions and implementing course studies in the service of the Church where I serve. Classes begin with prayer, and the commitment of the instructors is evident in the passion with which they provide instruction.

Having the opportunity to meet other students in the faith is also a great blessing. Often the questions of others, and the answers provided in class, enhance the learning process and discussion. Having peers to share with and reach out to for support, prayer, and encouragement is another blessing of being in class and meeting, discussing and sharing with other students—something I missed greatly when taking distance learning courses.

I am thankful for the assistance of the Seminary in making the courses affordable, as well as for the generous scholarships, and the philosophy of no student being in debt at the end of the training process and graduation is refreshing as well as demonstrable of the true care the Seminary has for the oversite and encouragement of its students, and the Church. I would highly recommend City Seminary to any prospective student seeking to increase their understanding of ministry, service, teaching and preaching.

Matthew Davis

Schlegel webMany seminary students are relatively young and have just graduated from college. Often they are just beginning their life's work and are just starting a family. But I was called to the ministry much later in life than the average seminarian. For many years I had considered pursuing a theological education, but the prospect of uprooting my family in order to attend a seminary, leaving my home church where I was already involved in leadership and ministry, and quitting a good job which supported my family made that pursuit a practical impossibility. Also, I could not afford to take on any student debt. This is partly why I am so thankful for City Seminary. City Seminary was designed for someone just like me. With classes at night and Saturdays, the instruction fit into my busy schedule. I could stay in Sacramento, stay at my home church, and keep my job.

This does not mean that it was easy; it wasn't. I enrolled the very first semester classes were offered, and since I was working full time it took a while to get my degree. The instruction is serious and it is intended to stretch and strengthen your spiritual muscles, and that is a good thing. If you are serious about the ministry, it is worth every minute of study and every moment in the classroom. The professors are all active in the ministry and they understand the pressure each student is under. They are eager to help each student succeed. This serious, yet personal, instruction is another reason why I am thankful for City Seminary. When I graduated in 2010 with a divinity degree, I had been given a solid foundation for full time ministry by professors who are deeply committed to the Bible, zealous for training men for the ministry, and who were experienced pastors themselves.

Shortly after graduation, I was ordained to the gospel ministry and I am currently serving a congregation in Lodi. This would not have been possible without City Seminary.

Doug Schlegel
Pastor, Providence Reformed Church
Lodi, California

AuChesterWhen I was called into the pastoral ministry during the early 90s, I knew I had to be trained and equipped in order to qualify to serve as a minister of the Gospel. Ephesians 4: 11-16 was the passage that convinced me that a seminary education was important. If I was called to be a pastor and teacher to equip the saints for the work of ministry then I myself had to be trained and equipped. This is only logical. In God's providence, I attended a local Bible college and completed most of the courses. Next I enrolled in two summer programs at Westminster Theological Seminary, Escondido, California. But because of the distance I wasn't able to continue. Again, by the providence of God, I was led to enroll in City Seminary in 2003.

City Seminary was precisely what I was looking for. Its evening and weekend classes worked well with my schedule. Professors there are well qualified and seasoned pastors understanding the challenges of the pastorate, but yet remained humble. I sat under the teachings of Dr. Frank Walker, Rev. Jim West, Rev. Michael Voytek, just to name a few, and benefited tremendously. I especially wanted to mention the four years of Greek and the four years of Hebrew—they have really helped me prepare sermons. Not to say it was without difficulties in taking these courses. It was very difficult in Greek and Hebrew, but believe me it was all worth it. After eight years of commuting weekly from Pacifica (12 miles south of SF) to Sacramento, enduring traffic jams, staying overnight at Motel 6, by God's grace and mercy I graduated in 2011 with a Divinity degree. So here I am writing to encourage you to consider enrolling in City Seminary if you are called to the pastoral ministry (I am convinced it's a must) or just want to experience a quality Christian education in order to defend the Christian faith. My prayer is that City Seminary will grow and expand.
Chester Au
Pastor, Harbor of Grace Reformed Church
San Bruno, CA

Pastor Johnnie Sloan

Why City Seminary? It becomes pretty clear pretty quickly when one gets involved in teaching/preaching ministry that ignorance is definitely not bliss. Week in and week out, often even on an hourly basis, I am confronted with the need to have real answers as a Pastor. Ranging from high theology and the subtleties of evil in misleading God’s people to a simple need for practical application of basic Scripture in the daily life of the faithful, I can truly say City has equipped me in such a way that I feel confident in being able to handle what the ministry requires. That confidence comes, I believe, because of City’s confidence in the powerful inerrant and infallible Word of God. They genuinely mean it when they use Paul’s words to Timothy for the Seminary:

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” 2 Timothy 2:2

I graduated from City in 2011 with the degree of Associates in Theological Studies. I was not raised in church, nor ever formally educated prior to City. I was raised in the Modesto area for the first 9 years of life, then all around the Sacramento area due to my parents divorce, then moved back to Modesto as a high school student (went to 15 different schools all-told).  I had a pretty rough upbringing.  God saved me as an adult around 1992, I was married in 1994, and then God gave me an immediate burden for ministry. I ran from the call for years until 2004 when I submitted to the call and then in 2005 I began commuting and working at City Seminary in the evenings and on weekends while I worked in painting and ministry to provide for my family during the day. It has been incredible to experience the providence of God in the pastoral ministry and I am grateful for City and its commitment to making me ready for it.

Johnnie Sloan
Pastor, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
Modesto, CA


One of City Seminary of Sacramento's primary goals is to provide a sound, biblical, theological education to ALL qualified candidates for the ministry and to those who seek to improve their understanding of God's Word irrespective of financial ability. If you need a scholarship, we have one for you! Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.



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