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Systematic Theology

ST151 and 551 — Biblical Ethics

The development of a Christian world-and-life view. Examination of the Scriptural basis for ethics, including the role of the Ten Commandments in the construction and application of ethics to the modern world. Church-state issues will also be considered. (2 hours*).

ST191 and 591 — Prolegomena

An examination of theological method, the nature of Biblical revelation, verbal inspiration, inerrancy and infallibility. (2 hours.* Students should have a working familiarity with ancient and modern philosophy).

ST210 and 601 — Theology Proper

A study of the existence and knowability of God, his attributes, the Trinity and the decrees of God. Attention will be given to the doctrine of creation and its importance for Biblical study. (2 hours*).

ST211 and 611 — Anthropology

A study of the origin and nature of man, his creation in the image of God, the Fall and its effects on creation. (2 hours*).

ST321 and 621 — Christology

A consideration of the Covenant of Redemption and the Covenant of Grace, as effectuated in the person and work of Christ. Attention will be given to the natures, offices and states of Christ. (2 hours*).

ST331 and 631 — Soteriology

A study of the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation, focusing in particular on regeneration, effectual calling, conversion, faith, justification, adoption, sanctification and the perseverance of the saints. (2 hours*).

ST341 and 641 — Ecclesiology

An investigation into the nature of the church, its government and authority, including the means appointed by the Savior to work and confirm faith in his people. (2 hours).

ST351 and 651 — Eschatology

A study of the last things, including death, the intermediate state, the Second Coming, the Resurrection, the final judgment and life everlasting. Consideration will be given to the millennial views and the final state of unbelievers. (2 hours*).

ST421 and 721 — Contemporary Theology

A consideration of current trends in theology. Attention will be given to the major churches. The New Perspective on Paul and Postmodernism will be examined at length. (elective; 2 hours*).


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