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The most important factor shaping your theological education is the faculty who will be teaching you. Students not only learn from well-educated professors, but have the opportunity to be mentored by mature men of God. Our faculty is comprised of ordained men who are serving as pastors and preachers to God's people. They seek to unite biblical knowledge with a zeal for God's truth and personal godliness.

Each faculty member has academic experience which, combined, provides comprehensive and integrated theological training. We are blessed by God to have such a united team dedicated to providing students with sound teaching.

Theological training is far more than learning facts and ideas; it is becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ. Our professors take a personal interest in each student, helping each to become a man of God equipped to serve Christ in the ministry of His church. Our Dean of Students meets regularly with students, giving counsel regarding academic work, spiritual life, personal calling, and ministry opportunities.


One of City Seminary of Sacramento's primary goals is to provide a sound, biblical, theological education to ALL qualified candidates for the ministry and to those who seek to improve their understanding of God's Word irrespective of financial ability. If you need a scholarship, we have one for you! Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.



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