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Dr. Frank Walker

Professor of Historical Theology

Dr. Walker brings to the classroom a scholarly understanding and great enthusiasm for Church History, New Testament, and related subjects, presenting them in a stimulating fashion.


B.A. Covenant College (1985)
M.Div. Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church (1985; Diploma 1980)
Th.M. Whitefield Theological Seminary (1998)
Ph.D. Whitefield Theological Seminary (2003)


Trinity Reformed Church, Cincinnati, OH (1986–1989)
Peace Reformed Church, Napoleon, OH (1989–1995)
Grace Reformed Church, Bakersfield, CA (1995–2000)
Covenant Reformed Church, Sacramento, CA (2000–present)
Stated Clerk of the Synod of the RCUS (1991–1995, 1996–2003)


"The Theology of the Eastern Church and Mercersburg" in You Shall Be My People: A Continuing Heritage Celebrating the 250th Synod of the Reformed Church in the United States (1995)
"The Framework Hypothesis." Whitefield Theological Seminary Position Papers #1 (Fall 1998)
Review of "Law and Gospel: Philip Melanchthon's Debate with John Agricola of Eisleben over Poenitentia" by Timothy Wengert in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (June 2001)



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