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Spring Semester 2017

Greek II

A continuation of Greek I. A study of Koine (common) Greek, focusing on vocabulary, grammar and syntax. The purpose of this class is to prepare the student to read and exegete the New Testament in its original language.

  • Instructor: Dr. Frank Walker, Ph.D.
  • Hours: Four credit hours
  • Day/Time: Mon./Thurs., 5:50-7:30 PM

An investigation into the nature of the church, its government and authority, including the means appointed by the Savior to work and confirm faith in his people.

  • Instructor: Dr. Frank Walker, Ph.D.
  • Hours: Two credit hours
  • Day/Time: Mon., 7:40–9:20
Christian Worldview

Explores the implications of biblical truth for a Christian philosophy of life. The study includes a survey of the development of Christian philosophy and contemporary trends.

  • Instructor: Rev. Eric Bristley, Th.M.
  • Hours: Two credit hours
  • Day/Time: Tues., 5:50-7:30 PM
Pastoral Care and Counseling

Considers the routines of daily pastoral ministry, including good study habits, accurate record keeping (church and personal), discipleship, visitation, conducting weddings and funerals, and working with a church board. This course will also focus on counseling — bringing the Word of God to bear upon various circumstances of life, e.g., birth, sickness, death, marriage, etc.

  • Instructor: Rev. Jim West, M.Div.
  • Hours: Two credit hours
  • Day/Time: Tues., 7:40–9:20
  • Note: Not open to women students

A study of the biblical foundations, principles and methods of communicating the Gospel to unconverted persons, both within our own cultural contexts and among other cultures. This course will focus on personal evangelism and the role of evangelism in the life of the church.

  • Instructor: Rev. Dennis Roe, M.Div.
  • Hours: Two credit hours
  • Day/Time: Thurs., 7:40–9:20

Note: Chapel will be held on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays. On chapel night, the second class will begin immediately after chapel and will end at 9:30 PM.

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