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AP101 and 501 — Introduction to Apologetics

A study of the presuppositional method of apologetics as the proper Biblical strategy for defending the faith. Attention will be given to competing methodologies, including rationalism, empiricism (evidentialism) and irrationalism. (2 hours*).

AP121 and 521 — Evidences

An investigation into the use of evidences in apologetics. Issues of concern are the value of evidences, the historical reliability of the Bible and textual criticism. Attention will be given to the philosophical deficiencies of the theory of evolution. (2 hours. Prerequisite: AP101/501*).

AP 201 and 601 — Applied Apologetics

The application of the presuppositional method of apologetics. Readings will focus on specific challenges to the Christian faith. (2 hours. Prerequisites: AP101/501*).

AP241 and 641 — Christian Worldview

Explores the implications of biblical truth for a Christian philosophy of life. The study includes a survey of the development of Christian philosophy and contemporary trends. (2 hours*).

AP251 and 651 — Modern Cults

A study of the modern cult phenomenon, examining the history and distinctives of popular cults. (elective; 2 hours*).


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